Bishop Rock Race

  • August 22, 2014

Looking for a blue water adventure? Then the Bishop Rock Race is the one for you. It starts on the 29th of August at Ship Rock, Two Harbors, Santa Catalina Island. The start this year is scheduled for 1 pm which will allow boats to provision and collect crew on the mainland and power across the Catalina Channel in time for the start. 

The fleet will then proceed around the West End, round Santa Barbara Island and then a run down to Bishop Rock, marked by a Coast Guard buoy. Bishop Rock is named for the clipper ship Stillwell S. Bishop which hit the rock in 1855 and after patching the hull sailed to San Francisco for repairs. The Rock is part of the Cortes Bank of undersea mountains, famous for big wave surfing and fishing and damaging three propellers on USS Enterprise in 1985. From Bishop Rock it is just a 98 miles dash across to San Diego and the finishing point located at Buoy# 1.

The total distance in this  day and night sprint along the offshore waters of Southern California is 189 nautical miles. All of these miles can be tracked due to the entire fleet being equipped with YB trackers. Each tracker will wake up at a predetermined interval to collect and transmit several packets of data, which include GPS co-ordinates, speed, distance to finish and direction. The information is passed through the Iridium satellite network to YB Tracking HQ where it is visualised onto our race player. This means that friends, family and supporters can view the fleets progress from anywhere in the world in real time.

If you would like more information on this event please visit San Diego Yacht Club website where you will also find the race viewer.

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