Weather Routing to your YB3

  • April 21, 2015

We often get asked whether the YB3 can be used to receive weather information - the answer is yes, but normally someone back at home collates the weather information with a knowledge of your intentions, and then sends short weather 'routing' information down to the YB as a short message. April 2015 has seen the launch of a new private weather consultancy, based in Gibraltar, with the aim of servicing the Mediterranean and further afield - and they specialise in helping YB3 users with weather routing information.

MeteoGib is the brain child of Stephanie Ball, a professional meteorologist  whose 28 year career with the UK Met Office has evolved from the very heart  of Commercial forecasting to Media and Defence. Her primary expertise is as a  marine forecaster, with over 18 years’ experience, having delivered forecasts  for two of the World’s busiest shipping lanes – the English Channel and the  Strait of Gibraltar – and from routing sailors down to the Mediterranean, to  providing weather forecasts for Cross Channel Ferries or even high profile  events such as Cowes Week.

MeteoGib’s main aim is to offer personalised, bespoke weather forecasts and support to users in remote areas, and where access to weather data becomes difficult, with weather forecasts being text or emailed to your mobile, sat phone or YB Tracker. In 2014 MeteoGib provided weather support to Spanish Highs Mountain Guides’ Expedition to the Patagonia Ice Caps. Owner and mountain guide Richard Hartley tweeted from Patagonia “Appreciate the help of MeteoGib in sending us daily mountain weather forecasts. Couldn’t have done this without you!” In 2014, MeteoGib also routed s/v Wild Goose from Gibraltar to Grenada - skipper Hugh Moore said “MeteoGib provided the bigger picture of the weather affecting our path across the Atlantic, and for 3,000 miles we were able to sail in confidence that we would be prepared for whatever came our way”.  

Whatever and wherever your weather is needed, MeteoGib is available – we aim to bring the forecaster to you.

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