St Kilda Swim

  • July 24, 2015

This summer a team of 7 swimmers will be swimming, relay style from St.kilda to Hushinish, Isle of Harris to raise money for The Leanne Fund, The Fishermen's Mission, Yorkhill Children's Charity & Aberlour Child Care Trust. The swimmers will be supported by 3 Kayakers and a Cabin Cruiser whilst they swim around 60 miles through the North Atlantic Ocean, hoping to be the first team to complete this mad, dangerous, challenge.

You don't just swim 60 miles out into the Atlantic without just a little bit of practice.  Which is why the team consists of some of the most experienced open water swimmers in Scotland. They have built experience through years of competing in open water swim races as well as participating in previous similar challenges. The team have been training throughout the year in the pool and for those based upon the Islands at Coll Beach from early February onwards.

We are proud to be providing tracking for such an unusual event. You, along with friends and family will be able to follow the teams progress throughout their challenge via our live map, which will be updated every fifteen minutes.

For more information please visit the St Kilda Swim website

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