The Tall Ships Races 2015

  • July 01, 2015

This spectacular event already has some star attractions. You can visit a South America ship, without leaving Europe. Class A Tall Ship Cisne Branco, from the Brazilian Navy, has entered– and there are rumours of more South American entries on the way.  Plus, every port will be hosting an opening ceremony, crew parade, prize giving, crew party, crew sports and a Tall Ships Parade. 

From 2 to 5 July 2015 Tall Ships from across the globe will anchor in Belfast, Northern Ireland for the start of The Tall Ships Races 2015.Starting off with a friendly Irish welcome in start port Belfast, the fleet will race north past the Outer Herbrides and Shetland Islands and across to Aalesund in Norway.  From there the fleet will enjoy a  cruise in company through the Norwegian fjords to Kristiansand, before the final race down to Aalborg in Denmark. 

Crew members and visitors will enjoy a fantastic experience along the quayside as the ships are welcomed by the annual Belfast Maritime Festival, which will feature a wide range of free family-friendly entertainment and theatre.

The 2015 event will be the third time that Belfast has hosted the races, having also welcomed the ships in 1991. Both previous visits were incredibly popular, with an estimated 800,000 spectators attending the four-day event in 2009 to see the flotilla of 40 ships berthed along the city’s quays.

In 2015 the race hopes to attract 500,000 people, with another 500,000 seeing the arrival and departure of the vessels along the Northern Ireland and Irish coasts. The ships will be berthed in and around Belfast Harbour and the Titanic Quarter area.

The second stop of the race is the picturesque town of Aalesund which is once again a port for The Tall Ships Races in 2015. Aalesund harboured the event for the first time in 2001, and the crew members and visitors had an experience of a lifetime in an intimate harbour amongst fjords, mountains and islands. 

During The Tall Ships Races the quayside will be boosting with life, people, events and cultural happenings – and because of the geography you’re never far from the action!

Aalesund is situated on the Northwest coast of Norway and is known far beyond the country’s borders for its beauty and architectural character. After a fire in 1904, where 850 houses turned to ashes the town was rebuilt in Art Noveau, the illustrious architectonic expression of the time. This has turned Aalesund in to a charm with the harbour surrounded by ornamented and decorated brick houses.

The sea is the source to Aalesund’s wealth – the fish landing houses you will see along the canal were important in developing the town. Aalesund is Norway’s largest harbour for exporting fish and fish products. Today Aalesund is a prosperous and expanding city with a population of over 45,000 inhabitants and can boast of a whole range of entertainment facilities and cultural events.

Next the fleet will visit Kristiansand the business and cultural capital of southern Norway. The city was founded in 1641, and it is Europe’s best example of a well-preserved renaissance city. Traditionally, Kristiansand has been an international city with extensive shipping activity and high export. Today, the city has highly diversified economic activities and has become world-leading in the production of drilling equipment for oil installations. 

Kristiansand is located on Norway’s southern coast and has long been a favourite summer holidays spot amongst Norwegians. The sea and surrounding fjords are perfect for recreational activities like fishing and sailing, and the nearby inland and mountains are ideal for skiing and hiking. In the more urban areas, you will find a rich variety of cafés, restaurants, art galleries and museums. Kristiansand was the proud host city for The Tall Ships Races in 2010. with the event being a tremendous success.

The finish line is at Aalborg. Which has had a love affair with The Tall Ships Races since 1999 where the city hosted the event for the first time. In 2004 and 2010 Aalborg once again had the honor and pleasure of being host port. All of the three events have been highlights in the history of Aalborg. There is no doubt that the races in 2015 will be as well.

Situated at the Liim Fiord where it was founded by Vikings more than 1000 years ago Aalborg is both a historic and modern city. These days the port has been transformed into a recreative oasis where parks, restaurants and cultural attractions which in addition to the Liim Fiord makes for a very popular place for guests and citizens alike.

Each ship will have a YB tracker installed before leaving Belfast. The tracker will turn on and transmit at scheduled intervals, and the data is then sent through the Iridium network to YB HQ servers where it is visualised onto our race player.  This means family, friends and organisers can easily follow all the vessels, or just an individual ship.

For more information and our race player please visit the Sail Training International website.


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