Rolex Middle Sea Race 2015

  • September 15, 2015

The Rolex Middle Sea Race has a simple course, yet it is an incredibly complex race that appeals to professional and Corinthian sailors alike.  The combination of a myriad land features, with varied winds and sea states creates one of the most complex puzzles for navigators. For a team to perform to the best of their ability requires extensive preparation and precise execution. Preparation is fundamental, yet the ability to interpret the changing conditions while racing and adapt accordingly ultimately delivers success.

It is a highly rated offshore classic, often mentioned in the same breath as the Rolex Fastnet, The Rolex Sydney - Hobart and Newport-Bermuda as a "must do" race. The Royal Malta Yacht Club and the Royal Ocean Racing Club co-founded the race in 1968 and 2015 will be the 36th Edition. Save for a break between 1984 and 1995 the event has been run annually attracting 25 -30 yachts. In recent years, the number of entries has risen sharply to over 100 boats thanks to a new Organising Committee who managed to bring Rolex on board as title sponsor for the Middle Sea Race.

The race has unsurpassed scenery with its course, taking competitors close to a number of islands, which form marks of the course. Ted Turner described the MSR as "the most beautiful race course in the world".

Apart from Turner, famous competitors have included Eric Tabarly, Cino Ricci, Herbert von Karajan, Jim Dolan, Sir Chay Blyth and Sir Francis Chichester (fresh from his round the world adventure). High profile boats from the world's top designers take part, most in pursuit of line honours and the record - 47 hours 55 minutes and 3 seconds established in 2007 by Rambler.

The 36 edition of the Rolex Middle Sea Race started on the 17th October, featuring a fleet of 111 yachts, from 22 nations with yachts ranging from 9 to 25 metres in length. There is no race with a more dramatic start under cannon fire from the bastions of Grand Harbour, as the fleet set off on a great adventure.

We here at YB Tracking are very proud to be providing the Middle Sea Race with a tracking solution once again. Every yacht participating will have one of our trackers installed aboard prior to the race start. They will wake up at set increments to transmit the data they have collected, which is then visualised onto a race player so family, friends and the international yachting community can follow every twist and turn this notorious race has to offer.

For information and live tracking once the race has began please visit the official website.

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