Lake Ontario 300 2016

  • July 16, 2016

Lake Ontario 300 Challenge has the slogan 'guaranteed of High winds, Low winds, Head winds, Aft winds, Cross winds and No winds'. These ever changing conditions are why the race is so popular with local and international yachtsmen alike. It provides amazing night sailing, or drifting as the case may be, under a full moon and warm conditions. The participating yachts have a choice of two courses, The Scotch Bonnet, a 200 nautical mile course and the Main Duck, a 300 nautical mile course.

The race originated through the interest and vision of several single handed sailors at Oakville Harbour Yacht Club and the Port Credit Yacht Club. Johan Pederson and his group envisioned a long distance race to challenge the skills of those who usually raced single-handed in the Lake Ontario Short Handed Racing Series or around the cans on their club’s race nights, Most, if not all, of these long distance races were for fully crewed boats. Johan realized that often the sailing done on Lake Ontario was by 2 people and racing double handed was a good way to improve and challenge skills.

Every yacht competing in the race will have a YB tracker installed on board. The tracker will collect and transmit data through the Iridium satellite network at predetermined intervals. The data arrives at at YB HQ servers where it is visualised onto our race player, which is updated every fifteen minutes so friends, family and race enthusiasts can follow the fleet or an individual progress around the course.

For more information on this race please visit the Lake Ontario 300 website.

To follow the fleet once the race has started visit our race player.

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