4K Alpine Endurance Trail Valle d'Aosta 2016

  • August 02, 2016

Beginning on the 3rd of September in the Aosta Valley – Italy, the 4K Alpine Endurance Trail Valle d'Aosta 2016 will set off for a seven stage Alpine Endurance Trail.

Seven stages of Alpine running will involve participants running over 200 miles with 26,475 meters of ascent in the route, that's 100m shorter than three sea level to summit ascents of Everest! Hitting the peak of Col Lauson at 3313m the athletes will be at high altitude with the potential where acute mountain sickness may play a big role in the athlete's performance on Stage 1.

En route sights of Europes top two most famous mountains, Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn, can be seen adding one more reason to want to travel around this stunning course in Alpine Italy. These two silent spectators are joined by Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso another two of the nearby 4000+ meter peaks of Europe. Collectively four illustrious silent spectators, the majestic 4K of the Aosta Valley.

For this event YB Tracking are excited to be using our newly developed Adventure Race Viewer, bringing spectators a more informative and engaging experience for what hopes to be a fantastic endurance trail in a picturesque setting.

To follow the race on the YB Race Viewer, follow this link: YB Race Viewer

To find out more about the 4K Alpine Endurance Trail Valle d'Aosta 2016 click this link: 4K Alpine Endurance Trail Valle d'Aosta 2016


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