Monte Rosa Walser Trail 2016

  • July 29, 2016

The Monte Rosa Walser Trail 2016 sets off on Saturday 30th July! 


This is a running race in a natural setting along paths, tracks and trails through the Upper Lys Valley in Val d’Aosta, along the feet of Mount Rosa and past Walser’s historical and architectural constructions. 


Broken down into three distinct courses, the first a 114km trail with 9,500m of height gain, the second is 50km with 3,940m of height gain and lastly a 20km trail with 1,200m of height gain. Each of these trials will take the athletes through stunning alpine landscapes, raising awareness of the unique alpine culture in this strikingly beautiful area.


Race 1 - 114km trail - sets off at 05:00 (CEST) on Saturday 30th July.

Race 2 - 50km trail - begins at 06:00 am (CEST) on Sunday 31st July.

Race 3 - 20km trail - starts at 11:00am (CEST) on Sunday 31st July.


This weekend YB Tracking will be showcasing our newly developed Adventure Race Viewer. Tuned specifically to give a more engaging and fun connection for spectators of the race, with features to provide a closer and more interactive experience.


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