Polonez Cup 2014

  • August 07, 2014

On the 12th of August the largest and most prestigious single and double handed races in Poland and on the Baltic will begin. The Baltic single-handed Polonez Cup Race is one of the oldest regatta events in Poland.

The tradition of the Polonez Cup goes back to 1973 when two sailors, Kuba Jaworski and Jerzy Siudy set off on a private Świnoujście-Christianso-Świnoujście race. This came to be known as the Baltic Single-Handed Cup Race. It was renamed the Baltic single-handed Polonez Cup Race to commemorate the voyage around the world of Krzysztof Baranowski on the yacht Polonez, completed in 1973. The initiators of the Polonez Regatta Jaworski and Siudy repeatedly took part in the event, as well as many other outstanding and famous sailors up until 1983, when the last Regatta took place.

In 2010 the Baltic single-handed Polonez Cup Race was reactivated after a break of 17 years. Much like the first two sailors from Szczecin, Krzysztof Krygier and Radosław Kowalczyk together decided to start a race (following in Kazimierz Jaworski and Jerzy Siudy footsteps), each on his own yacht on the traditional route of Świnoujście - Christianso – Świnoujście. The interest of other sailors turned out to be enormous, so much so that the idea of reactivating the regatta and creating its XI edition arose. Editor-in-chief of www.sailportal.pl Krzysztof Krygier undertook the reactivation of the regatta and its organisation. Krzysztof is a member of the board of the Single-handed Sailors Club, vice commodore of YKP Świnoujście, as well as being a regatta sailor from Szczecin.

The Polonez Cup remained the main prize of the regatta, donated by Ewa Madeja, wife of the last winner, great sailor Jerzy Madeja, who unfortunately passed away.

15 single-handed sailors competed in the XI Edition, which took place in stormy and difficult conditions. The end of the Regatta was held thanks to the support of Piotr Stelmarczyk and J.K. AZS in Szczecin, together with the completion of Unity Line Regatta J.K. AZS marina. The main prize was presented by Ewa Madeja to Krzysztof Krygier on Bluefin yacht.

YB Tracking are proud to be providing the Polonez Cup 2014 with our iridium satellite trackers for the duration of this years challenge. Each competing boat will have a Yellowbrick installed before the race. The tracker will transmit data such as direction, speed and gps coordinates every fifteen minutes to our race viewer. With just a few clicks of a mouse friends, family and supporters around the world will be able to follow every twist and turn that this race has to offer. The race player enables viewers to follow an individual boat or the whole fleet.

For more information please visit the Polonez cup website.

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