Challenge Blanc

  • February 16, 2017

Starting on the 24th February, twenty five teams will begin their two day navigation rally of the only event of its kind in the Quebec province.

Mountain and off road snowmobiling is becoming increasingly popular and this challenge is perfectly suited to push both machine and rider to the limit. They should be built for endurance and persistence as the off-piste route will be toilsome.

This contest is not centered on speed, and riders will be expected to complete their circuit in a reasonable amount of time. On both days they will set out from La Tuque but with different courses. They will have to push themselves and their snowmobile to the limit as they face the harsh snowy landscape. 

Each team will be equipped with a YB tracker which will collect and transmit data such a speed, direction and altitude. It will then send the information through the Iridium satellite network to YB HQ servers in the UK. From there the information is visualised onto our race player so family, friends and snowmobile enthusiasts can follow the race as it happens.

For more information please visit the Challenge Blanc website

To view the race player please click on this link


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