• March 08, 2017

GODZone Adventure is a multi-day non-stop expedition style competition. 

Mixed teams from around the globe compete in this event which sees them strategize when to sleep or eat in order to get ahead. The course is only revealed the day before so teams must for a plan quickly. They also do not know what activities are involved. Anything from trekking, cycling and kayaking should be expected as they traverse over many arrays of different landscapes which all come with their own mental and physical challenges. 

Being an expedition style race the teams can take any route to the check points, which makes their strategic decisions very important. As the wrong decision could lead to the teams being our 7 days instead of 4. There is no assistance once the contest has started so they will need to plan all the gear and supplies needed and pack them into boxes which will be placed at the transition points. 

Many teams underestimate the importance of navigation in adventure races. It is vital that you have at least one competent navigator in the team. The course will demand strong map skills and present teams with numerous route decisions that could significantly impact performance.

Most stages of the race will have a navigational element which underlines its importance. On some parts of the course teams may travel for many hours before seeing a TA or CP (with several route options available) meaning tactical planning will be just as important as following the map. The organizers strongly believe that the winning team should combine both brains and brawn so competitors should focus on a subtle balance of physical prowess versus skills, such as navigation and route planning.

Along with all the required equipment, the teams will also carry a YB tracker throughout the race. The tracker will collect and send several packets of information every fifteen minutes keeping the organizers, family and friends left at home informed on how their favourite teams are progressing along the course. Our devices also provides the teams with a way to communicate if something should go wrong, as there is a red alert button which will transmit the gps co-ordinates to the race organisers so the teams can be located quickly and assessments made.

For more information on this race please visit the GodZone website.


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