Race of the Classics YP

  • October 09, 2018

The Race of the Classics is the brainchild of two students from the Amsterdam Academy who wanted to preserve and celebrate the Dutch sailing heritage while also creating lasting connections and memories for those taking part in the race.

The race has grown from its humble beginnings - the small sailing trip of 1989 is now a professionally organized race. The not-for-profit race comes in two editions - the original race is open to college and university students, while the Young Professional edition is open to members of leading companies in the Netherlands and abroad.

This week, it’s the Young Professional race that’s setting off from the picturesque port of Veerhaven in Rotterdam. On October 9th, more than 420 young professionals will race on 21 tall ships of all shapes and sizes. It’ll take them just a few days to reach Ipswich, one of England’s oldest and most important port towns. After an overnight stay and some welcome partying, teams will then race back to the port city of IJmuiden.

The Race of the Classics fleet includes tall ships ranging from 30 to 60 meters and regular participants like Twister that started life in as a fishing vessel in 1902, and the schooner J.R. Tolkien that operated as a tug from 1964. The Royal Netherlands Navy is also taking part with its own sail training ship Urania, the grand dame of the Dutch yacht fleet that’s based on a timeless 1830’s design.

The race's fleet of traditionally rigged tall ships require expert sailing knowledge to run. Experienced skippers and crew are in charge of sailing and safety, and they can rely on YB Tracking’s YB3s for Iridium tracking, alerting and comms. This allows the race’s entrants to assist above or below deck while safely experiencing sailing in its purest form.

We wish everyone at Race of the Classics a safe journey - YB Tracking is with them every step of the way!



All photos (c) Race of the Classics

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