Adventure2 – The story so far

  • September 23, 2020
A record-breaking toy ship braved the Atlantic before being lost at sea. This story picks up the adventure for its second chapter with a new toy ship to be launched off the coast of Guyana to continue the transAtlantic adventure. 
The Original Adventure
Ollie (11) and Harry (8) Ferguson (then 9 and 6) modified their record breaking Playmobil ship, named Adventure, to sail the high seas. A counterweight was added to help the ship stay upright and it was filled with polystyrene to help it stay afloat. Initially released from Peterhead in Scotland, Adventure travelled across the North Sea to Denmark, before making her way to Sweden and finally to Norway - 550 miles away. 
Adventure was then taken on board a Norwegian tall ship the Christian Radich, who took her down to the coast of West Africa. There, Adventure was dropped from the ship off the coast of Mauritania in 2017. Following an epic ocean voyage the little boat ended up 30 km off the coast of Barbados before her tracker finally died. The most travelled toy ship covered 6,072.47 km (3773.26 miles). The story received worldwide media attention and was followed by millions of people around the world.
Adventure 2 – The next chapter: 
The original plan was to have her picked up, the tracker battery recharged, then put back to sea. Perhaps she would continue her voyage by catching the Gulf stream West to East back across the Atlantic. The Adventure Team wanted to continue the adventure however until the original boat showed up on some distant shore then the journey was over. 
A new opportunity to continue on the adventure presented itself last year. A family that lived in the Caribbean contacted the Adventure Team and they have been working with them over the last few months. The name of the family helping is the Lewis family from Trinidad. Their Dad Keith got in touch and asked if they could help in some way with the project. They discussed the possibility of doing Adventure2 and felt that getting his boys involved in the build would be a great way to share the experience. The boys are called Jax (7), Kai (10) and Fynn (3). They set up video conferencing during Lockdown and Ollie and Harry shared their engineering experience from the first boat with the Lewis family. The Adventure Team sent a second Playmobil ship (the same model) out to the Lewis family who then rebuilt Adventure2 in exactly the same way that they had in the first version.  
This ship has the same YB3 tracker as before that was kindly donated by the Caribbean Oceanography Aquaculture & Subsea Technology Foundation (COAST). Keith is a co-founder and director of this education foundation, its focus is the scientific exploration of deep water in the oceans surrounding the Caribbean.
Keith Lewis works offshore and will be launching Adventure2 from the Offshore Support vessel: Normand Installer. The Norman Installer is currently on her way to a location 120 km north of Georgetown, Guyana. Adventure2 will go back in the water less than 100 miles from her original course. 
Predicted currents will carry Adventure2 towards Trinidad and then on into the Caribbean Sea as before. It is possible after a brief float around in the Caribbean Sea she will get caught up by the Gulf Stream and may head back across the Atlantic towards the UK. 
Good luck to all involved and we look forward to seeing where her journey takes her.

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