The Mint 400 2021

  • December 04, 2021

The YB team are no strangers to desert racing and have been at the for ground for a multitude of off-grid racing events.  

The Team head to Las Vegas for The Mint 400 races where 115 motorcycles and 250 cars will be tracked over two days of racing. An outstanding event where it most defiantly tests the limits of YB3’s and the competitors to the extreme.  

The Mint 400 is one of the most advanced and celebrated desert off-road race in the US. It is historically renown to be the oldest off-road race in America, annually held in march the event featuring a multitude of unique  vehicles parading down the Las Vegas Strip. It is a two day intense off-roading race on a desolate, formidable 400 mile course.

There 550 competitors in a variety of classes competing within this period from all over the world. An exception festival for the entire off-road industry it is without surprise that the Mint 400 has been labelled as “The Great American Off-Road Race”. 

The YB team will mount trackers on all participating vehicles and motorbikes, which will transmit consistent data back to control. The YB team provide full on-site support, providing the race management team with the suitable tools to receive the live data on vehicle positions, vehicle status, alerting where vehicles may have stopped, pit over-speeding reports etc. All via the Iridium satellite network. This information will then be accessible on the YB race viewer and YB Tracking apps, allowing by standers to follow the teams progress. 

Our representative of the YB team that attend this event said “ it was an amazing atmosphere, the vehicles where unlike no other and they were all stoked to be involved in such an exceptional event!”

The YB teams reputation in off-grid racing speaks for itself, as we strive to keep our customer service at the forefront of everything that we do as a organisation. Our niche devices are equipped to ensure that reliable and only accurate data is transmitted back to control. We are continuously looking at innovative ways to improve our technology and every event teaches us something new that takes us to the next level. 

We are greatly looking forward to the Mint 400 and will be continuously on hand to offer our support end-to-end and we can’t wait to be involved with the Mint team again in March!

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