Riaan Manser- Take Me To New York Update

  • May 22, 2014

Riaan Manser has nearly finished another astonishing adventure once again. This time he took his long time girlfriend, Vasti Geldenhuys along for the ride......or row.

It all started with a seemingly innocent request for a holiday to New York, but never in her wildest dreams did Vasti Geldenhuys think it would take 10 765 kilometres of ocean rowing to get her there. 

Vasti, a lawyer by trade, has always been the support structure of Riaan, the world renowned pioneering explorer. He rose to prominence by completing three unparalleled world firsts; cycling around the entire perimeter of the African continent, circumnavigation of Madagascar by single kayak and Iceland with partner Dan Skinstad in a double kayak.

Riaan has always vowed that he would never expose Vasti to the dangers of his world, but now the dynamic couple have made history by taking on the vast waters of the Atlantic. Alone and unaided they endured a 105 day crossing from Agadir, Morocco they landed Miami, Florida, on the 7th of May.  Not only did they make history by being the only people to have rowed from Africa to the USA, but Vasti also became the only woman from the African continent to have rowed across any of the world’s oceans. For her as a practicing attorney, rowing across the Atlantic ocean , was a whole new world.

The couple, who met in Cape Town in 1999, put their fourteen year relationship on the line. Enduring giant 25 foot waves in wild storms to being entirely capsized in the middle of the Atlantic. On one of these days Riaan was dramatically separated from the boat and almost lost at sea. But both agrees that the physical hardships  that their bodies hands, arms, bums and legs suffered were all worth it.

Over the past 12 years, Manser has , through his journeys, re-written the definition of tenacity and become the epitome of courage and determination. As one of the world’s leading adventurers he has captivated thousands of people through his bestselling books and motivational talks. Riaan takes a personal approach to inspiring an audience allowing the audience to decide for themselves with which attitude they are going to take on life's challenges.

Thousands of people from blue-chip companies to schools and non-governmental organizations, have been moved by Riaan's extraordinary, and often hilarious, tales of perseverance and unrelenting resolve.

Riaan and Vasti are expected back on South African soil in the beginning of June 2014, after spending some time in their final destination, New York.

Throughout their journey Riaan and Vesti kept their base camp up to date with help from their YB Tracker. Not only did it ensure that their communications with the world left behind were certain to be delivered but it also meant that friends, family and loved ones left on shore could track their progress throughout the 105 day voyage.

For more information on this incredible journey  please visit the Take Me To New York website.

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