King Of The Glens

  • May 21, 2014

ULTRA4 Europe in conjunction with some of the UK and Europe's top off-road associations stages a series of extreme 4x4 endurance events designed to push teams and their vehicles to the limits.

Some of Europe's top off-road teams have already taken part in the King of the Valleys in Wales and the King of Portugal events and will testify to the preparation and commitment it takes just to complete these testing courses.

The four events will combine to form the Maxxis Ultra4 Europe 2014 Series; the team with the highest combined scores from any 3 events will be named the "Maxxis Ultra4 Europe 2014 Champions"

King of the Glens will take place in the privately owned, 10,000 acre Griffin Forest near Aberfeldy in Perthshire, Scotland. The event will feature a varied mix of terrain - from tracks used in the international Colin McRae memorial rally to boulder fields, forestry trails to wild open moorland.

Anticipated mileage is around 25 miles per lap with a target of four laps over two days. A prologue section before the main event will seed drivers into a fastest-first running order, but reliability and strategy may be more important than out and out speed!

There will be a number of designated checkpoints along the course at which each vehicle must stop until indicated to continue by a marshal.

Each team will have a YB Tracker installed onboard which will relay all the data it collects to the Live Feed which you can access via the Ultra 4 Europe website. This means even when the team you support is out of view of the spectators you can still keep up with the progress with a few clicks of a mouse.

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