Inward Bound 2014

  • March 12, 2014

Inward Bound is an endurance and orienteering running competition held between the residential halls and colleges of the Australian National University. It is a unique adventure footrace, challenging the physical and emotional endurance of participants and providing safe and exciting opportunity to explore the Australian wilderness.

Based on World War 2 survivalist training intended for downed pilots, the event starts with teams of four being disoriented and transported blindfolded to a remote location in the Canberra area. The drop-off zones and endpoint are in remote and often secluded environments. After disembarking their buses, generally in the middle of the night, teams will be required to ‘scout’ and pinpoint their location. Two scouts from each team of four will leave the drop point to explore their surroundings and collect as much information as possible about the area. These scouts must rejoin the two navigators (who remain at the drop site) within 40 minutes for Division 1-3 and 20 minutes for Division 4-7.  The teams will have to use simple map-and-compass navigation techniques to quickly determine their location before running 30 km to 100 km to a given location, racing against other teams.

Race Organisers regard safety as paramount and teams must carry various items of mandatory safety gear, including medical supplies and emergency communication devices, which allow them to contact the Race HQ if they require assistance.

This is where  YB Trackercomes in; we provide precise tracking for friends and family at home as well as officials and teams so if they trespass or get into trouble they can be located quickly and accurately.

Leadership, navigation and survival skills are just some of those which participants will acquire and months of rigorous pre-event training necessary to compete promotes a fit and healthy lifestyle. With 51 annual races having been held to date, thousands of young people regard Inward Bound as a memorable and life-changing part of their experience of Canberra and Australia.

For more information on this exciting race please visit the race website.


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