ORCV- Melbourne to King Island 2014

  • February 11, 2014

The Melbourne to King island is known as one of the hardest races to sail correctly. It  is a 114 nautical miles of pure navigational challenges due to the currents surrounding King Island.  The contest is regularly won or lost in the concluding stages depending where the yachts make landfall. The winds, currents and tidal influences on approach to Grassy Harbour can provide huge gain for some vessels in the fleet while others can be left floundering.  Once they have arrived at the harbour's safe anchorage they will be met with the Kings Island Boat Club famous hospitality.

All the skippers will be aiming to break the race record set by Don Jones' Cadibarra (VIII) driven by Nigel Jones on the day, from 2002 in 10:08:04.

All boats in this years Melbourne to King Island race have a dedicated GPS tracker onboard so you can follow the progress,  whether it is day or night, blowing a gale, or light breezes and sunshine. You can track individual boats or the whole race fleet by clicking on the YB Tacker page on the ORCV website. The race viewer will be updated every thirty minutes with the boats GPS position, speed and direction. This means friends, family and international supporters can watch all the twist and turns that this race provides in realtime. 

For race viewer and more information please visit the ORCV website

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