Expedition Amundsen

  • February 11, 2014

The 100 km expedition style race will start on the 27th February with competitors tackling this challenge solo or as part of a team. 

When the participants cross the finish line at Maurseth on Eidfjord their ski poles will have created at least 100,000 prints in the snow, their sledge, with a minimum weight of 40kg through out, will have gotten a pet name and become their closest friend due to it carrying all essential items needed.

The race is  based on the steps of Roald Amundsen trek in December 1911. Amundsen a man is described as a man of sportsmanship who lived by the motto no short cuts, just hard work.  This seems apt for this style competition since the contestants  must follow the route given to the finish line but it will not be marked. They will also  have to go through 3 check points along the way, which separates this event into three legs. From the start at Haukeliseter  the contestants will have to traverse 25km to Hellevassbu. Once there they will go 20km to checkpoint two at Litlos.  The final check point is Viersla which is 30km from checkpoint Litlos. From there the competitors will take reassurance that the finish line in Maurset is only 30km away. 

Hardangervidda, the mountain plateau which the race takes place on, is known for its beautiful and idyllic appearance, but can quickly become dangerous and wild so participants must prepare for tough conditions and little time to rest for the duration. With safety in mind the organisers decided supplying teams and individuals with YB trackers was the best choice in the harsh conditions that this race is set in. 

Every fifteen minutes the tracker will wake up and send GPS co-ordinates, speed and direction to the iridium satellite network. This information in turn is sent to YB HQ servers and then visualised on an online map. This means the organisers can quickly respond to any trouble and friends, family and supporters can follow the competitors progress easily.

For more information on this contest please visit the Expedition Amundsen website.


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