World ARC

  • January 09, 2014

Starting from Saint Lucia and Australia, World ARC is the a round-the-world adventure of a lifetime. The 15 month circumnavigation will see the participants cover 26,000nm and visit 19 countries. The rally is about more than simply sailing around the world visiting amazing places; it's about the people involved. The crews on board cover a range of ages, nationalities, background and ambitions but all share an adventurous spirit.


World ARC is a mix of cruising in company and free time to explore. You can either make a full circumnavigation or sail half a rally. The pace keeps the fleet together, enjoying the shore-side activities as a group, while staying with the best weather. There are longer free cruising periods that allow participants to fly home for work or family, or to travel further by air; for example to Easter Island, New Zealand or Madagascar.

Participants can join in Saint Lucia or in Australia, and sail a half rally or make the whole circumnavigation. Boats leaving after a half rally can join the next edition to complete their circumnavigation. World ARC is for everyone, they have previously had families with children, retirees and people on a ‘grown up gap year’ participate.

There are currently 40 boats confirmed to be part of the rally. The skippers and crews of the fleet are currently drawn from over 16 nationalities. There largest contingent by boat are from the United Kingdom with 12 entries followed closely by 10 from the United States and 7 from Germany. Other nations represented amongst the 150 crew registered so far are Argentina, Australia, Austria, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia and Sweden.

The fleet is also comprised of many different boats types ranging from 11.8 - 19.6 metres. The most numerous build of boat is Hallberg Rassy with 4 yachts of different models, followed by 3 Amels. There are also 5 catamarans in the fleet with almost all representing different multihull manufacturers. There are also several newly built yachts taking part in the event which have been launched in the last twelve months.


So the keyword is diversity. World ARC 2014 brings this all together as the participants converge on Saint Lucia and get to know one another. And when this is coupled with all the interesting places which the rally passes through, the experience will be amazing!

Family, friends and spectators can view how the fleet are progressing via the online Fleet tracker. This has been made available due to each boat being equipped with a  YB tracker. Our trackers will report data such as speed, direction and GPS co-ordinates every four hours and send it through the Iridium satellite network to YB HQ and on to the Live map.  This means loved ones at home can always keep up to date with the latest fleet movements.

There is a lot more information about the rally on the World Cruising Club website.


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