White Ice Cycle-World First Cycle to the South Pole

  • November 25, 2013

In less than 3 weeks Maria Leijerstam is going to undertake a challenge of a lifetime.  She is going to attempt cycling to the South Pole, yes you read it right, cycling to the South Pole, starting from the edge of the Antarctic continent.

White Ice Cycle will see Maria pedal for up to 20 days, breaking every 18 hours for a brief sleep. Her challenge will be unassisted and unsupported so she will need to push herself to her limits to be able to continue for the arduous hours her schedule sets out.

This adventure had been in the planning for over two years. Maria and her team have consulted numerous experts in the cycling, polar, fitness and nutrition fields who have helped her design, train and plan her expedition down to the last detail. Others who have attempted this cycle have found conditions too challenging, having to revert to skis or even defeat.

Maria is know world wide for her previous endeavours including Marathon Des Sables, Adidas Terrex Coast to Coast Race, 3 Peaks Yacht Race and Rhoose Ski Race to name a few. In 2012 Maria became the first woman in the world to complete the Black Ice Race. Competitors traversed the entire length of Lake Baikal in Siberia, covering 650km and out of 30 starters, only eight completed and Maria finished second overall. Over seven days she endured ferocious storms, cracking ice and sleepless nights as she journeyed over the world’s largest freshwater lake. It was the perfect training expedition for her latest and greatest challenge to date.

Maria has been very busy this year training, designing and testing equipment in Siberia, Norway and Iceland. At one point she even turned her office into a "cycling office" to get more training in. Her confidence is high and Maria is now counting down the days until she takes to the ice in Antarctica.

Her journey will be filmed along the way for a documentary that will air next year in January, but if you cant wait untill then you can follow her progress via her website and online map. The map will be updated every hour from the information her YB Tracker collects, such as direction, speed and GPS position. This provides the loved ones, friends and supporters left at home an easy way to follow what will be an epic journey.

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